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I’m Sick Of Waking Up To News About Gun Violence In This Country

In a sign that America is indeed getting back to normal, we had two mass shooting incidents in the span of a week. An assault weapon was used to kill 10 people in Boulder and in Georgia, the shooter bought a gun and used it the same day to murder 8 people. Note – you can’t register to vote the same day in Georgia, but purchasing a gun is totally cool.

I know that there are many issues that I care deeply about and fight for that are considered in some cases divisive, but gun control is one I cannot understand how there is a divide. Truly, I don’t understand it.

In 2004, I worked in Senator Jack Reed’s office. At the time the assault weapon ban was expiring and he led the charge for it to be renewed. It was hard fought and it came down to a close vote, but ultimately the ban expired and since 2004, assault weapons have been legal in the US.

I remember discussing this ban at the time with my father (who was a lifelong Republican). We both could not believe assault weapons were now legal and couldn’t understand any reasonable explanation for an individual to own one.

Since that time, we’ve all lived through and sadly become numb to the constant news of another mass shooting. When Sandy Hook happened, I remember coming home from a walk with my then infant son and holding him watching the coverage. I thought surely now something has to change.

But it did not.

Now my boys attend schools where they highlighted on the tour the safety updates they made in the case of a gunman. And they participate in drills for what to do if there is one.

I mean wtf.

The thing is…many of the issues I care deeply about are complex and while I want to solve them and know we can…I also know we can’t hit a magic button or sign a piece of legislation that will eradicate all the hate and inequality in this country.


To begin with we can enforce mandatory background checks and we must ban ALL assault rifles in this country.

As former President Obama said yesterday, “It is long past time for those with the power to fight this epidemic of gun violence to do so.”

This should not be a divisive issue and it isn’t. The majority of Americans support it.

The time to act has been clearly here for years. If today is the day you’re motivated to join the fight for sensible gun laws in the U.S., then join me in making sure our legislators know we demand action.

Contacting your Senators is a first step. Moms Demand Action is urging the Senate to act on legislation passed this year by the House of Representatives. Act today – and don’t stop until the day we never have to wake up to news of a gun-enabled massacre again.