We don’t expect you to come in having all of the answers.

In fact, we understand that you might not know where to start or what questions to ask. That’s what we’re here for.

Our goal is to take the fear out of the technology enhancement and research process so that you can focus on what’s important – driving advocacy, engagement, and fundraising goals to power your mission. 


Express CRM Assessment

4 weeks, $4,000

You know you need a new CRM and want a quick survey of the options that would fit your organization best. Our Express CRM Assessment is a fast, affordable project that will narrow down the options for you. You’ll get a comprehensive interview with key stakeholders about your needs and goals, widespread industry research on solutions and your sector, and a detailed summary that outlines the top 3-5 solutions for you.


Change Readiness Assessment

4 weeks, $4,000

You have a big change coming around technology at your organization. Is your team ready for it? Our Change Readiness Assessment will let you know how prepared your staff and leadership are for this change. We’ll give you key areas to work on to help your staff thrive during your tech transition.


Full Technology Assessment

10-12 weeks

We will go deep with your team to understand all stakeholders’ needs from technology and how they are or aren’t being met. We’ll inform you about our findings and will develop a technology roadmap to guide your team. You’ll get a short list of best-fit solutions to consider. Can be combined with the Software Selection Project.


Software Selection Project

8-10 weeks

We will manage your software selection process, whether it’s an open RFP or an invitation-only process. Can be combined with the Full Technology Assessment.


Strategic Consulting


We are available to work with you on retainer in a variety of ways: change management, training and onboarding, technology migration project management, staffing assessments and recommendations, and data governance team implementation.