About Raise HECK

Raise HECK helps ensure you have the right technical solutions to deepen your impact on your mission.

We come with decades of experience working inside and in support of nonprofits, so we understand your complex issues and can meet them with the empathy and humor required to get things done.

We alleviate time spent on building consensus and strategic adoption.

We help you realize a higher ROI.

We demystify your technology so you don’t need to learn another skill to achieve your team’s objectives. 

About Our Founders

When you work with us, you work with both of us.

We launched Raise HECK in 2019 to support nonprofits and, more importantly, the people who work for them. We take the fear out of finding the right technology so that we all can make a deeper positive impact on the world’s most urgent issues.

Sally Heaven, co-founder, Raise HECK

Sally Heaven, co-founder

Sally didn’t just cut her teeth in protecting the world from bad guys – she jumped right into the deep end from the start, spending 7 years as a field director for the Human Rights Campaign after college. She remembers MCing rallies in front of hundreds of people as being core to her ability to tell the truth and speak, even when she’s nervous. After HRC, Sally spent 13 years as an account manager at Blackbaud, where she oversaw the needs of some of the largest nonprofit brands in the world, including The Nature Conservancy and AARP. Sally’s ability to connect deeply and understand her clients’ concerns won her the responsibility of managing multi-million dollar contracts. Sally not only understands how to advocate for others – she plays that role daily. She’s not afraid of tough conversations, and she brings her ability to see the humor in life to every interaction. Outside of work, Sally enjoys life in Maryland with her wife and three kids.

Charlotte Kresse, co-founder, Raise HECK

Charlotte Kresse, co-founder

Charlotte started her career in a small community nonprofit in Providence, RI. She then moved to Washington DC where she worked in a U.S. Senator’s front office, supporting digital communications for NARAL Pro-Choice America and six years at Chapman Cubine Adams + Hussey in strategy roles that saw her grow the agency’s digital marketing team from the ground up. She  went on to spend six years building strategic partnerships at Blackbaud, where she learned to get to the heart of how best to match a client’s vision with their mission’s true needs. Charlotte sees the forest through the trees and understands how to cut through layers by asking the right questions that ensure the solutions you choose fit your business strategy. Having seen all sides of mission objectives – from advocacy to fundraising – Charlotte understands the intricacies of strategy and what really does make a difference in promoting social change. Charlotte lives in Rhode Island with her husband, two boys, and two dogs.