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Case Study: Vera Institute of Justice Technology Assessment

Raise HECK performed a technology assessment for the Vera Institute of Justice to help them find a solution that would meet their needs and solve data problems for CRM, grants management, and digital marketing.

Raise HECK

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Vera Institute of Justice

Vera Institute of Justice is working to transform the criminal legal and immigration systems until they’re fair for all. Vera partners with impacted communities and government leaders for change. They develop just, antiracist solutions so that money doesn’t determine freedom; fewer people are in jails, prisons and immigration detention; and everyone in the system is treated with dignity. Learn more about Vera Institute of Justice.

The Challenge

Vera struggled to use their existing CRM, grant management, and digital engagement software. Many staff members were not using the systems to their full capacity or entering data at all, and were instead using spreadsheets to track their interactions. This resulted in significant data silos. Additionally, their digital marketing and grant management solutions were not integrated with their CRM.

Vera wanted to replace their current systems with a solution that would meet their needs and would be adopted by their staff.

The Process

Vera hired Raise HECK to perform a technical assessment: a structured process of information gathering and synthesis to assess an organization’s and programs’ desired outcomes from technology and identify pain points and gaps in the current solution(s).

Raise HECK conducted a series of interview discussions and surveyed key stakeholders at Vera. We analyzed these results to understand their needs, requirements, and goals. This informed our recommendations for a best-fit solution for the organization.

We presented the findings to key stakeholders which included observations, results, and a ranking of essential outcomes Vera needed from a solution.

The Outcomes

Vera wanted a CRM and digital marketing solution that could address a variety of challenges, including breaking down data silos and offering a 360 degree view of their supporters.

Raise HECK gained a holistic understanding of Vera’s goals. We considered the people and their experience to be as crucial to the success of the project as the technical requirements. We also identified specific areas for Vera to consider as part of change management.

Raise HECK presented our top three recommendations which included an all in one solution, an integrated CRM and digital marketing solution, or remaining on their current tech stack and investing in training and adoption.

The Results

Vera selected and has successfully migrated to an all in one solution, EveryAction, based on the recommendation Raise HECK made in the assessment. Their staff felt their needs were heard and were ready for the change due to their involvement in the process from the very beginning. This helped to better prepare them to adjust to the organizational technology and process changes that come with migrating to a new solution.


“Vera Institute of Justice selected Raise HECK to help us in our search to replace our technology solutions: primarily digital, CRM, and grant management. We had never fully integrated our legacy tools and as an organization we were ready for change. We had committed to finding the right solution, but weren’t sure how to start our search and evaluation process. Raise HECK has a deep understanding of the nonprofit operational and fundraising needs and they led us through a thorough and efficient process to understand our needs, requirements and priorities. They then aligned the needs assessment with their top three recommended solutions for Vera. I’d highly recommend working with Sally and Charlotte. They are straightforward, responsive and a pleasure to work with.”

Morgan Bakerman, Development Operations Manager, Vera Institute of Justice

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