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What the HECK? Turn the Churn

We welcomed our first ever special guest to our video series What the HECK? and were thrilled to hear from our friend Shelley Davies about Turn the Churn. This new resource is a blog about Customer Success and Customer Centricity.

We used to work with Shelley and we know that she’s passionate about Customer Success. Think about this very simple idea – that companies who make software measure their own success based on whether their customers achieve success using their solutions.

Sure, companies also measure themselves by revenue, and the goal of a Customer Success program is to retain revenue (just like your sustainer program aims to retain your donor revenue), but the way they retain your revenue is by helping you succeed!

If every company truly had your success as their goal, imagine how much more we would all love using our technology. Shelley is helping to make this culture, discipline, art and science part of the basic way software companies do business. Because duh, it ought to be.