Below are a few of our service offerings — contact us to learn about these and others.

Technology Assessment

Are you using the right solutions to meet your goals?

Technology is a crucial tool for your mission. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you using the right solution for the job?

  • Do you struggle to keep disparate systems in sync?

  • Is your staff using your technology to the full potential?

  • Does your technology align with your short and long term goals?

  • Has it been a while since you’ve looked at what else is out there and wonder if there are more modern, easier products out there?

  • Do you think you need an RFP, but want an expert to take a look first?

Raise HECK can help. If your answer to any of these questions was yes, we can help you find the answers. We'll take inventory of what you’re using, why you're using it, what you need it to do, and provide answers for what the best fit is for your organization. We are technology agnostic and believe the best product for one organization might not necessarily be the best for everyone else. We'll always focus on what's right for YOU.

Sustainer Checkup

Automation. Whether it's Netflix, your credit card, or other various bill payments, people are accustomed to making automated payments to manage their lives. As a nonprofit fundraiser, you need to offer donors the same convenience. To do so you must have a plan to increase your sustainer file using fundraising best practices as well as fully utilizing the tools available in your digital fundraising system.

Raise HECK will provide an assessment of your constituent-facing promotions and copy and segmentation strategies (both online and offline). We will also ensure you are aware of and leveraging the latest sustainer-focused technology available, and then help you to turbocharge your settings. Based on the outcome of these assessments, we will provide a prescriptive plan and specific recommendations for how you can grow, retain and optimize your sustainer program.

Duration: Your sustainer program is a vital piece of your fundraising program, and we know how important it is. With your active participation, we can complete this project in two weeks.

Email Deliverability Checkup

Connecting with your supporters by email is a crucial part of achieving your mission. We’ve spent years working with customers to understand and adjust to the ever-changing world of email. Your marketing and digital teams have so much to manage to keep programs running successfully. Staying on top of the ‘better’ practices and changes in email deliverability can feel daunting.

Raise HECK provides a deep-dive assessment designed to address specific concerns or areas for improved optimization. We’ll provide strategic guidance reviewing your metrics, segmentation strategies, and content to improve your inbox percentage rate and ultimately, engagement of your constituents. We will make sure you are equipped for long-term success in this fast-changing and important marketing channel.

Duration: Email is a vital tool to support your fundraising program and mission, and we know how important it is to make sure it’s working at peak efficiency. With your active participation, we can complete the checkup in two weeks. If you need additional consulting beyond this initial assessment, we are available to help continue to fine-tune your program.

Presentation Skills

You’re a good speaker. Get better.

Public Speaking - love it or hate it, we all have to do it at some point in our careers. Raise HECK is here to help you do it better. We’ll meet with you and your team to help you self-assess where you are in your public speaking journey, and will provide coaching and tips to help you give a better talk. Topics we’ll cover will include mastery of material, overcoming nerves, allowing your personality to shine through, and handling questions and answers with ease and aplomb.

Slides, like PowerPoint, are a ubiquitous part of public speaking in a business or professional setting. Confidence with slides is a crucial part of overall public speaking effectiveness. We’ll also spend time talking about how to create effective slides that inform, education and entertain – and most importantly, don’t bore your audience to death. Either you run your PowerPoint, or your PowerPoint runs you.

Duration: This is a 2-hour workshop that we conduct onsite at your organization or as a webinar.

Customer Success Audit

Customer Success is a business model originally developed by cloud software companies in order to retain their customers. According to Gainsight, “Customer success is when your customers achieve their desired outcome with your product or service." It’s a great model!

Raise HECK thinks Customer Success is for everyone. We will apply a customer success model and work with your organization to understand and identify your desired outcomes. Then we’ll assess what are the roadblocks to achieving your success. We’ll provide a prescriptive people-focused action plan to address the roadblocks and help you achieve your desired goals.

Be it staffing assessments, moving to a new software or internal process changes, in this fast-changing digital environment, having a plan to reduce distractions and execute your people focused strategy is essential and Raise HECK can help you do it.

Duration: The duration of your audit and action plan are dependent on many factors. We’ll work with you throughout the process.

Change Management Action Plan

At Raise HECK we have years of experience leading teams through significant change. Be it a staffing change, moving to a new software or internal process changes, in this fast-changing digital environment, change management leadership skills are essential if you wish to succeed. We can help your business through a people-focused approach to change management and develop an action plan that will allow your organization to grow while retaining your talented staff and loyal supporters.

This uniquely specialized offer moves you quickly through the process of understanding your current level of change capability and reducing the roadblocks and distractions for achieving your goal. In this plan you’ll be provided tools, skills and best practices in areas that include:

  • Executive leadership and support

  • Plan for employee input and involvement

  • Addressing factors that will create resistance to change

  • Communication and recommended messaging for addressing resistance

  • Planning and analysis for reaching desired outcomes

Duration: Initial call to discuss requirements and a follow up meeting to review your individualized plan.

End of Year Fundraising Strategy

Do you need some extra help to plan and execute your end of year fundraising strategy for Giving Tuesday and December 31? Do you have your strategy all set, but need help getting it out the door? Raise HECK can help. We will serve as an extension of your digital team to help you carry this over the finish line. Contact us to let us know your plans and where you need extra help.

Staffing Assessment and Recommendations

A people plan to match your technology

You have great technology. Is your staff capacity and structure poised to make the most of it? The best software in the world still needs people to use it. If you’ve recently made a digital transformation to use new, modern technology, then you’ll want to look at your staffing plan to see if it’s still relevant. Some software might require more staff, less, or different experts in different areas.

Raise HECK can help. We will review the technology you’re using, assess the ways that people’s jobs have changed, or need to change, and then deliver to you a recommendation for how to staff your department accordingly.

Duration: The duration of the staffing assessment and recommendations is variable depending on the size and depth of the engagement, as well as your availability. We’ll be with you every step of the way to create a plan that works.

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