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Migrating from Salsa to EveryAction? Get some Guac!

What’s happening: Salsa is being sunsetted and now you have to move. You’re going to EveryAction. Maybe you’re thrilled or…maybe not. Either way, it has to happen. You want to get some additional expert help for your migration. WHO CAN HELP? We can!

We are a dream team of 3 independent consultants who each have deep and different experience with EveryAction and migrations. We have joined together to help you migrate to EveryAction and get set up for success.

We are calling ourselves OPERATION GUAC

When your Salsa goes away, make Guac!

Let’s work together. It will be smashing.


  • Are a medium to large sized nonprofit
  • Have a list size of 25,000 or more
  • Manage your own design and web development either in-house or via consultants
  • Need a dedicated resource to manage this project for your organization
  • Want help cleaning up your data before migrating
  • Would like some custom in-depth training
  • Know how important change management is


  • Worked at EveryAction for years
  • Have managed hundreds of data projects
  • Migrated hundreds of clients to EveryAction
  • Are experts in the EA tools
  • Manage change for lots of nonprofits


  • Will last between 8-12 weeks depending on your needs
  • Gives you lots of 1×1 attention from experts



Three avocados with pictures of Lamont Thompson, Rumi Matsuyama, Sally Heaven and Charlotte Kresse

Let’s have a Guac Talk! Contact us here