What the HECK? Turn the Churn

We welcomed our first ever special guest to our video series What the HECK? and were thrilled to hear from our friend Shelley Davies about Turn the Churn. This new resource is a blog about Customer Success and Customer Centricity. Read more »

What the HECK? Change Management

Change can be scary and uncomfortable. That’s just a fact. You know what helps? When you plan for it and help your employees adapt to change – especially when we’re talking about new software solutions. If it’s mission-critical, then it’s worth investing in change management help from experts. Let’s take a look at why: Read more »

What the HECK? Donation Forms

In this episode of What the HECK? Charlotte and Sally tell you about their new publication about sprucing up your homepage and donation forms, but mostly talk about how important the election is. Read more »

What the HECK? Happy Anniversary!

It’s the one-year anniversary of Raise HECK! Here’s what we’ve learned, what our favorite parts of the year were, and what we hope to accomplish in the future. Read more »

What the HECK? RFPs

Sally and Charlotte talk about RFPs and how to make sure your nonprofit has a productive RFP process. Hint: it’s all about the rfPRE. ;) Read more »