Webinar: That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles

Join Raise HECK and Elyse Wallnutt from Agility Lab for a sweet webinar in January! RSVP today

What the heck is happening? Digital acquisition as we know it is changing radically. Consumer demand for privacy means third party cookies are being axed.

Is that why my Facebook ads are tanking? Probably! And more is coming.

Yikes! This sounds bad. Maybe, but it’s also a great chance to take control back from AI and get to know your supporters in an authentic way.

Great! But how do I do that? Digital expert Elyse Wallnutt from her new venture Agility Lab joins us for a webinar to explain what to do about it and how!

What else can I expect at the webinar? Super smart information from Elyse about how we got here and why, plus some baked goods puns from us, and links to our favorite cookie recipes!