Webinar: Life After Luminate CRM - Planning for a Bright Future

Maybe you’ve heard that Blackbaud recently announced that it’s discontinuing Luminate CRM, its Salesforce-based constituent management system. If your nonprofit organization is one of the many using LCRM, how the heck can you find a suitable replacement?

In this webinar, we will level-set on exactly what LCRM is and what it does, how it relates to both Salesforce and Luminate Online, and what types of alternatives exist both within and beyond the Salesforce platform. Then we’ll outline a technology-agnostic process for finding and migrating to a new solution before the June 30, 2022 deadline.

Date: May 20 2021

Time: 2:00pm Eastern Time

Location: Register for the Zoom webinar

This webinar is presented by Raise HECK and Watt Hamlett Consulting.

Who the heck is Watt Hamlett? Watt Hamlett is a 12-year veteran of the Salesforce nonprofit ecosystem and author of “Nonprofit Guide to Choosing a Salesforce Consulting Partner.” As Founder and Principal of Watt Hamlett Consulting, he is an independent advisor to nonprofits that are considering a move to Salesforce or considering their next move with an existing Salesforce implementation. Watt was a solution engineer for Luminate CRM when it was brought to market by Convio in 2010 and worked with many of the first nonprofits to adopt it. He is now eager to help those organizations find the right alternative for their needs.

Raise HECK is a partnership between Charlotte Kresse and Sally Heaven, created to help progressive nonprofits choose and use the best technology for their missions. We help you do good, better! Both Charlotte and Sally worked in Customer Success at Convio (later Blackbaud) until 2019 and worked to empower organizations to adopt Luminate CRM. They also had the pleasure of being Watt Hamlett’s colleagues for many years and have great respect for his know-how, desire to do good, and forgiveness of Sally when she was cranky at him for not making a new pot of coffee that one time.

Can’t make it to the webinar but still want help figuring out what’s next after Luminate CRM? No problem - just fill out this brief form and Watt, Sally and Charlotte will be happy to meet with you.