Raise HECK Support for Nonprofits

We are all making adjustments and trying to plan for what the future holds during these challenging times. For the nonprofit community we know you’ve had to pivot quickly to meet the needs of your staff and the communities you serve. Many of you have had to cancel or postpone major events and come up with new ways to fundraise and communicate with supporters.

Change is difficult in the most ideal of times, but certainly far more challenging right now. We want you to know that Raise HECK has the resources and bandwidth to help support you and your organization’s needs.

We want to offer our services and expertise for many of the unplanned needs that you are facing …large or small. Below are a few ways in which we can provide support:

  • We can help with your digital strategies to maintain and grow your online fundraising and supporter engagement. We can provide copy writing, segmentation strategies and a look under the hood of your digital technology to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment.
  • We can help as you transition to supporting your staff virtually. We’ve worked remotely for the past 8 years and have managed teams and clients across the country. If you need assistance with this transition we can help provide short term tips and tricks as well as longer term solutions for success.
  • The shift to digital will dramatically increase during this time and likely only continue. We can evaluate your staffing plans and technology solutions to ensure they can meet your needs.

It is difficult to address the immense challenges facing our nonprofit community at this time. We want you to be able to continue the great work you do and set you up for continued success.

Reach out for more information or just to connect. All the best.